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Balmorran Canyons

Darth Sevairis watched the rocks rolled down the hill. He felt nothing as one of the targets pushed the other out of the way, only to end up trapped beneath the rocks. He ignited his crinsom lightsaber as the other one ignited a yellow lightsaber and began slashing at the rocks.

He was about to force leap down when his legs suddenly buckled slightly as his former personality tried once again to assert itself. I AM SITH! YOU CANNOT CONTROL ME!!!


A voice in the Dark Council members head whispered back at him. You were you are but a puppet. Perhaps if you finish your task you will finally know the freedom of death but not before.

Sevaris's body suddenly relaxed for a moment as the other personality took control back away from him.

Now...Kill them.

Sevairis launched himself into the air and landed on a small outcropping before jumping again and landing on the top of a boulder before finally landing a few feet away from the one wielding a yellow lightsaber. His rasied his lightsaber in a defensive stance and unleashed a stream of lightning at Corsail.

"This...must...not..." He whispered painfully as he tried once again to take control only to fail once again.

Republic HQ

Zarev looked up sharply as he suddenly felt a dark presence...and he could also feel the emotions of Corsail and Varik. They were clearly fighting with...something or someone.

He turned to look at Per'dra. "We have a problem. It feels as if Corsail and Varik ran into trouble. This darkness that I feel...something feels wrong. As if the darkness itself is being tainted by something else."

He looked at Avriela and Light. "I'm positive, they're going to need help."
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