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Xenos, it's good, you've portrayed the characters accurately - but it's only good as fan fiction, not for a video game. Having canon in video games is an insult to dark side players, female Revan players and male Exile players. BioWare's biggest mistake was using a canon Revan and canon Exile in their MMO. It is unnecessary and defeats the purpose of RPGs in the first place.

And Livingtime, what would the story set in the Mandalorian wars be about? We already know what happens and I don't see the potential for an RPG in a setting like that. A FU or Battlefront type game in that setting would be sweet, though.

As for my story idea, you could scrap the idea of light side Revan and light side Exile falling to the dark side and instead have them operating as assassins, targeting the dark council of the Sith to destabilise their leadership and plunge them into a civil war.
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