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Originally Posted by Livingtime View Post
Kingdom Hearts is a prime example of the potential that lies with Disney. Square Enix worked along side them, so from that we can assume many decent games will be released IF they work with the right companies.
I will agree with Square Enix, Hitman Absolution is amazing, and a completely innovative and different styled game than those before it. I applaud Square Enix for where they took Hitman, and i would be excited to see what they could do with something like Star Wars. However, Disney doesn't have to use them. they could do it all in house, and remove outside creativity from the process. It will be interesting to see what happens, but i guess no one can really say what will happen with any games, including 1313, until we see what Disney is capable of with an franchise like Star Wars. But like many giant corporations, they are capable of incalculable good, and unfathomable evil.

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