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Yeah but it would have been made by BioWare and/or LucasArts and would have been underwhelming, anyway. Bio started KotOR but Avellone took it and made it into something more ambiguous, mature and complex.

I have seen TOR scenes with Revan, the dialogue is unimaginative and even cringe worthy. Avellone came up with the "True Sith, Revan never truly fell" concept and that just got completely shafted for "Revan did fall, became a pawn of the emperor, was nothing more than another evil Sith Lord" instead. Typical black and white BioWare. I hate how LucasArts treated Obsidian. Eight month deadline, rejected their cut content patch proposal and ignored them when they were begging to do KotOR III.

Anyway, like I said, I do admit I have a huge dark side bias. What can I say, many of the dark side options in the KotOR games were hysterical. I don't care if novels, comics and what not go by canon, I just don't like some video game telling me my Revan and Exile were goody two shoes and they did NOT look and sound as they did when I played as them.

Uh, no they weren't, at least not in my original playthroughs. That was the beauty of those games. You could be a villain and actually win. But canon comes in and says, "Nope, impossible." Well **** you canon. Let me continue my non-canon dark side story thanks. TSL let you choose, oh yeah but that's right, Obsidian have much better writers.

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