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This again?

They made it that the emperor turned Revan to the dark side
Actually if we listen to Kreia in TSL (and in case you're going to give me any malarkey about TOR somehow invalidating the events of TSL, please explain exactly how it does so), then Revan turned to the dark side on his own while fighting the Mandalorian Wars, where he made it part of his strategies to deliberately have Jedi and Republic leaders not loyal to him killed off and use exposure to the horrors of war to corrupt his followers. The only change TOR makes in this regard is that Vitiate made him a Sith, not a dark-sider (and even then, we have room to believe that Revan declared himself a Sith Lord anyway before that upon finding the Trayus Academy).

Revan left the infrastructure of the Republic intact and waged a war of conversion, not destruction.
This means next to nothing. War consists of sending your forces to destroy or capture the forces and facilities of your opponent. Revan did this. That he allegedly did more capturing of facilities than destroying them doesn't make the Jedi Civil War a "war of conversion" (and it wasn't really necessary anyway, since he had the Star Forge behind him).

Make the game about searching for whatever it was that lead Revan to the true Sith in the first place. Find the true Sith and help Revan and the Exile defeat them for good. The end.
The most obvious, trite, and fanservice-oriented way possible to resolve the conflict, which hundreds of fans have already written in their fanfics anyway? No thank you, sir. Even if they did do this, you and the rest of the dissatisfied fans wouldn't like it because you can still imagine a better KotOR III.

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