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GO-TO and Disciple make the same claims Kreia does, so...

Still, I agree with you what Revan did was wrong, even if Revan was convinced otherwise.

Anyway, canon is necessary for novels and so on, sure, but not for video games. TSL did just fine without forcing canon on the players thank you very much. There was a plot proposal I read years ago by Jediphile on the Obsidian forums that was excellent.

He let you select the genders and alignments of Revan and the Exile and like TSL, the story was pretty much the same throughout, except the last 10% of the game had different outcomes depending on their alignment. If a fan can do it (and there's no doubt others could have), then I think professional writers could have, too.

To add further to this, all the developers had to do was make up a reason for Revan and the Exile to be wearing masks. For example, the air on the mysterious true Sith planets could have been toxic to off worlders. Then you just change some of the dialogue based on their alignment. The intentions change, that is it. Or, Revan and the Exile could have played a role in the third game without the player necessarily having to physically see or hear them.

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