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Yeah, yeah, I know all that. I'm just disappointed at the lack of creativity. Would it have been too much to ask to slip in a clever bit where the player could select Revan's gender and alignment in the MMO? Revan could have kept the mask on the entire time (there was a valid reason for light side Revan to wear it, too). Wouldn't have been too hard to change one or two lines (you've played TSL, right? Something like that) depending on alignment and just get a voice actor for the female Revan.

I mean, I was just reading how there was a valid reason light side Revan could have been wearing a mask, too. Apparently Revan got the mask off the dead body of a random Mandalorian, after coming too late to prevent the massacre of Cathar. That random Mandalorian apparently was someone who had been executed by the other Mandalorians because she refused to participate in the massacre and Revan took up the mask in her honour. So light side Revan could have worn the mask as a symbol of courage. The Exile could have worn Nihilus' mask, as a symbol of the connection between the two of them, a theory proposed by this man years ago: http://www.lucasforu...090&postcount=1

That would have solved the appearance problem. You are absolutely correct about LucasArts, they can do whatever they want with Star Wars. All I'm saying is, there were ways around not having to use canon in the games, it feels like BioWare just tied up the crap about Revan and the Exile as an afterthought to make way for their MMO, which they were entitled to do, but it sucks.

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