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I do think this thread needs a SPOILER WARNING for warning the less knowledgeable.

MY Revan was a jedi guardian, light-neutral. Mullet hair, DID kill Bendak Starkiller, used two blades and not one.

MY exile was a female Jedi Weaponsmaster, Light sided, red-brown skinned asian looking (would have preferred the bushy blonde haired head but that one was Nistotsa's default head). Too modest about her looks, did not willingly run around in her underwear either, and asked Mira to dance for Vogga instead. Visas took Nihilus' mask. Three blades, single regular blue, and pair of silver and orange. Actually some other blades too, but still. Juyo user.

What does this matter? Nothing. I don't like it but I accept it.

Originally Posted by The Lord of Chaos View Post
Okay here's what I would have done. Revan travels to the unknown regions and starts assassinating members of the dark council of the Sith, destabilising their leadership.

The Exile eventually joins Revan and helps him accomplish this. The assassinations plunges the Sith empire into a civil war, delaying the emperors plans to attack the Republic.

Only it is later revealed later that the dark council were planning to betray the emperor, so he uses the evidence to unite enough clans to crush the groups that tried to overthrow him.

Scourge takes the credit for the assassination of the dark council members, to get closer to the emperor, knowing full well he didn't do a damn thing. With the resistance destroyed, Revan and the Exile remain in hiding, unable to stop the emperors remaining forces on their own, much like Yoda and Obi-Wan hid from the empire because two veteran Jedi Knights are no match for them.
OK. Not a bad attempt if I do say so myself...HOWEVER:

Then what would have been the catalyst for his realization of just how terrible Emperor Vitiate was?

He would also not have had reason, and likely not been given the means (age immortality through sith alchemy) to one day interfere on behalf of the annonymous Jedi Knight's storyline.

There also would be no "action" to "commend" with such a "reward".

Further more I see nothing to "give the Emperor pause" like a confrontation where he comes to the realization that he could have been killed.

As he had already been planning to invade for the sake of his ritual, as soon as order had been restored and the new council was reliable (probably a few decades), there would have been nothing to slow down or stop the Emperor from proceeding, much earlier than SWTOR took place. The Republic would still be recovering by that point as well.
The anonymous Jedi Knight apparently is supposed to be the only one who could stop him and if the galaxy were to be consumed before that could take place...everyone would be SOL.

The basic point of the novel was that the emperor was delayed from doing something that otherwise might have consumed the entire galaxy. The only one apparently who could stop Vitiate is that annonymous Jedi Knight in the future.

They die of old age, while the emperors forces gradually rebuild and do not surface for many years later to invade the Republic...

All they had to do in the MMO is mention that Revan and the Exile delayed the Sith invasion by assassinating key members of the dark council which plunged them into a civil war. No mention of their gender, alignment in the video games, no physical appearances or any of that.
Maybe, but the glaring hole your story leaves has me skeptical Emperor Vitiate would have just sat back after he had essentially cleaned house and rebuilt his empire to a point of reliability.

I understand that it's BioWares' property and they can do whatever they want with it, but why make Knights of the Old Republic a role-playing game in the first place if the the dark side/female/alternate appearances Revan could have didn't count for jack ****?

TSL proved that you don't need canon to make great plots. As a matter of fact, they could have cut out the Bastila and Carth cameos, as Bastila could have been killed in KotOR and Carth didn't have to be made an admiral. The only reason why Obsidian did that is for KotOR fan nostalgia.

The Revan in the MMO sure as hell wasn't MY Revan. My Revan was a Sith Lord, he didn't save the Republic, and he sure as hell looked and sounded different to the guy in the game. There are clever ways to use former protagonists in a game without ruining the players image of them. Too bad BioWare aren't talented enough writers to pull it off.
Well, someone else would have needed to take the places of Revan and the Exile. Your story wasn't bad but I am still skeptical.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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