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Republic HQ

"I'll stay with you, or go after Avriela. If something is going on with the Republic troops, and there is an odd presence trying to speak to their minds, I'll try and see if I can sense it again."

Zarev was about to respond when suddenly a red light began to blink and his jedi senses began to scream danger! at him. He ignited his lightsaber just as the door opened and a small squadron of republic troops staggered in. One of them in the back was holding his head and was trying to speak.

Kill them my puppets...Make it so they never interfere with my plans again.
The majority of the troopers pulled their rifles off their back and aimed them at the group, but two of them in the back including the one that was holding his head hit the ground with a thud.

The lead trooper's hand was shaking violently. "N-No...Don't....Don't make us..." He whispered painfully as his finger hovered above the trigger for just a moment before it hit it and blaster bolts began to cut through the air.

Zarev's lightsaber instantly moved in front of Per'dra to block the first of the shots even as he twisted his body to the right to avoid the shots being fired at him.

"Light! Protect Kif! Per'dra! Try to disable them only! I think something is...controlling them somehow!"


"You must face judgement for all of the blood you have spilled. Surrender, and I will consider letting you live.",

Sevairis raised his lightsaber and brought it down in a defensive stance even as he tried to speak without the voice in his head taking control again. "Please...Kill me...he gasped as his body fought the intruder for control only to lose once again. "" he whispered as his body relaxed once again as he lost total control.

Bad idea. The voice whispered to him as Sevairis's body stretched out his hand and a massive amount of lightning began to form in it.

The sound of a speeder quickly approaching didn't register on Sevairis's mind until it was nearly right on top of him. The dark cloaked figure who was driving the speeder force lept into the air and unleashed a narrow stream of lightning that shocked Sevairis for a moment as the back end of the still active speeder came close to taking off his head but he managed to barely move out of the way.

Avriela pulled her hood off and ignited her double bladed lightsaber as she landed next to Varik and looked down at Corsail then at Varik.

"I'm here to help." She said as she gathered the force around her and dropped into an offensive stance next to Varik.
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