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Yeah, why do we need canon or any references at all? Why are these games even Star Wars to begin with? They should just be a new science fiction of space opera franchise totally separate from Star Wars to begin with!

You've made a number of these kinds of threads, I've noticed... and it's pretty obvious you have an agenda to tout TSL as king. It's nice that you think TSL is so great, but yeah... I don't really understand the purpose of your campaign.

I get that you don't like the fact that SWTOR exists, for a long time I was a KotOR III supporter too, but what's done is done. The Prequel Trilogy exists, the Sequel Trilogy is about to exist, and whether you like it or not, Star Wars: The Old Republic exists and at the time of its creation LucasArts wanted it to relate back to the previous video games made in the series.

As I stated before, personal canon and fan works are a good way to go about this whole thing... and you've certainly shown us what your personal canon is all about. |

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