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((Wasn't really planning on continuing this but I'll give it a shot Also, nice to see you again BFA! And thanks to everyone who read this. ))

((Mach, do yout think you could review this chapter as well when you get the chance?))

Two weeks later
Enroute to [Destination Classified]

Vette's breathing was slow and even as Toryal slowly got up out of the bed that they shared and stretched his body to try and get the feeling back in his arms. He looked down at the sleeping Twi'lek and a gentle smile appeared on his face as he leaned down and softly kissed her forehead before quietly walking away and heading for the bridge.

It had been two weeks since his final battle with his old master Darth Baras. The battle between the two of them had been violent enough that the Dark Council Chamber had sustained damage that would require weeks of repairs. In the end, Baras had been defeated but Toryal had chosen to spare his old master, not because he had forgiven him...but so that the Dark Council could have him answer for his crimes against the Sith Empire. Although he had emerged victorious, Toryal had been badly injured in the battle and for a short while the rest of his crew had thought that he wouldn't make it. It had been especally hard on Vette who's eyes had been red from the constant flow of tears.

But he had. And now that he was finally out of the medical facility he could concentrate on something other than the Empire and the constant scheming of the Dark Council.

He had promised Vette that now it was time for a vacation for the two of them. The rest of the crew had agreed. They had all been fighting for so long that even the bloodthirsty talz Broonmark had thought it would be a good idea to take a vacation.

He stopped and saw that Malavai Quinn was sitting in the pilot's seat and was reading an Imperial datapad.

"Good morning Quinn." Toryal said as he sat down in one of the other chairs and checked to make sure that the coordinates were still locked in. "Looks like we have a few more hours before we arrrive at our destination."

"Good morning my lord." Quinn greeted as he looked up from the datapad. "I was just reading up on Davelras and some of it's more famous attractions. Were you aware that they have three seperate museums that focus on the Empire? I'm looking foward to visiting them."

Toryal grinned as he leaned back in the chair. "I never thought I would see you actually look forward to a vacation Quinn. Everyone seems to be in high spirits. Jaesa is looking forward to studying some of the old ruins on the planet, Pierce seems to be looking forward to the blasting range and Broonmark says he's looking forward to hunting out in the forests."

The sith frowned for a moment. "At least I think thats what he said. He said something about hunting and forests, I have a bit of trouble understanding what he says sometimes."

Quinn nodded. "As long as he doesn't starting hunting sentients we should be alright."

Toryal smiled again as he heard light footsteps behind him and he felt a warm body pressed against the back of his head.

"So..." Vette asked casually, "When are you going to tell me where we're going?"

"You'll find out in a few hours." Toryal chuckled. "Don't worry though, I'm sure that you'll like it. I promised you a vacation that you'd enjoy Vette. Just trust me, your going to love it."

Vette couldn't help but smile. One of the things that she loved about Toryal was the fact that when he made a promise, he always came through on it no matter what the cost.

"I still can't believe you made the crew swear not to tell me." She said. "I can normally get Quinn and Jaesa to tell me anything but not this time."

Toryal got up out of the chair and stretched his arms before placing one of them on Vette's shoulders. "I did tell you I would make you breakfast as part of our vacation."

Vette smiled again as she leaned against Toryal as they headed for what passed as a kitchen on the ship.

"I would mind a Dantooine Omelette if it's not too much trouble." Vette yawned as she sat down at the table as Toryal began to crack the eggs and began to heat them up on the cooking unit. Vette deeply inhaled the smell of the cooking eggs and some of the spices that Toryal was using and smiled. She couldn't believe how much her life had turned around since being captured on Korriban nearly three months ago. When Baras had turned her over to Toryal, she had expected to be tortured, beaten and most likely killed when he was done using her to help him complete his trials.

Instead...he had removed her shock collar and had asked her if the shocks that the jailer had inflicted needed to be treated. At first Vette had thought that he was trying to seduce her but after a while, she had realized that he was generally worried about her...and a while after she had realized that he truly cared about her.

It had taken awhile but she had realized that she was able to return his feelings. When she had told Toryal that she loved him, the large Sith's face had actually turned beet red and had actually stammered.

The man who had faced down Jedi Masters, fought against some of the most terrifying beasts that the galaxy had to offer and had fought some of the most powerful sith in the empire...had never before known someone who truly loved him for who he was. He had told Vette that most of those who had tried to seduce him had been after power, or credits.

Vette knew she was different. She loved him for who he was and Toryal knew it. At times she had trouble believing that he was a sith, much less the Emperor's Wrath. He had a gentle sense of honor and refused to kill unless he was forced to defend herself or if he was left with no choice.

Who would have guessed that my knight in shining armor would be a sith...Sometimes I still have trouble believing it.

Vette looked up at Toryal as he finished the omelette and placed it on the table in front of her. Vette couldn't help but notice that he hadn't prepared anything for himself.

"Aren't you hungry?" Vette asked

Toryal shook his head and sat down next to her. "No, I plan on eating once we reach our destination. I may be keeping our destination a secret but I have heard that the food there is excellent."

Vette cut a piece of the omlette and smiled as she bit into it. "Wow! This is amazing!" she exclaimed. "What kind of spices did you add to this?"

The Emperor's Wrath smiled. "Sorry Vette, but thats my little secret."

Vette pouted for a moment and then lightly punched Toryal in the shoulder. Her husband laughed. "You're never going to tell me are you?"

Toryal smiled. "Maybe someday. Possibly after our vacation."

Vette laughed softly as she took another bite of the delicious breakfast dish. Toryal smiled down at her and was about to kiss her on the forhead when the intercom aboard the ship suddenly went off.

"My lord, this is Quinn. You are needed on the bridge at once. There is something important that requires your attention."

Toryal's eyes narrowed for a moment as he thought of what the problem could be. "I'll be right there Quinn." he said quietly as he turned to looked down at Vette again. "I take it your going to follow me to the bridge?"

Vette had already put the omlette down on the table and was already getting up. "You know it." She said with a smile.

((To be continued.))
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