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hey guys, i have had a wip thread over on deadlystream for a while now, link. so basically this mod allows you to train hanharr to become a dark jedi or sith, the option is only available to a darksided exile, atm it branches of of the breaking him sequence, when i make the other mod im planning, (you might want to look at the deadlystream home page for a teaser), i probably well habe this integrate with either the genoharaden or holocrons some how. any ways you can read the deadly stream page to see where i am at.
as i feel is only proper when you start a WIP, here are some screens:

man mdlops causin me greef XD, just trying to make a new appearance by changing hanharrs textures, mdlops doesnt seem to appreciate hanharr's model XD, im getting random mesh deformations quite funny actually, help anyone?

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