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Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
Fading Moon's file is j04c_imp_fadmoon.cre (found in \data\j04_necropolis\a304.rim). Her appearance value is 118, PirateFemale_f, which is non-unique. You can try editing all the CRE files for Wild Flower or maybe try editing the appearance.2da instead. Either way, I would suggest that changing her appearance is going to break all her conversation cutscenes - you'll be looking at her stomach the whole time seeing as the shot is framed for a child, not an adult.
Really? I thought she was a unique character this whole time. Her head is definitely unique as I never anyone else in the entire game that looked like her and I've beaten 3 times.

So since she's not unique I take it there is no way (at least no unadvanced way) to swap her appearance?
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