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sweet so it doesn't matter which slot it is just which one you put on the quickbar, once I aug both of those I will add them.

Thanks Mim I know I have other questions too I just can't think of them right off the bat.

The Shadowlands server I don't think is quite as up to par as Harbinger is, it has been said only 3 groups have ever completed Nightmare Mode on anything and alot of them don't even try Hard mode ops.

I left my guild simply because they did ops during the week when I was at work and when I was available for HMOps it seemed like we would get to the first boss 3 wipse and then people had other things to do. I love the people in the guild as they were really great and treated you good but I needed something more akin to me progressing as ooposed to standing still and being ok with it.

I have my friend convinced that if paid transfers come along to try to transfer to the Harbinger and see if we could join up. He was ready to right away until he realized it was a different server.

Anyways thanks again

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