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well im making a new row in appearance 2da and when i tried changing the texa column it had no effect, so i have to change the texture referred to in the mdl, hence the mdlops renaming tool. i also tried hex editing but that messed things up further. its kind of weird actually. i tried keeping the same amount of characters while hexing, mdlops has gotten me the farthes but it still doesnt like his model, when you export to ascii the model loses its weight maps so you have to re-rig it in 3dsmax, when i simply change the texture using the renamer tool it sends out these random faces from the model. i am simply not having any luck
basically i need the hanharr model, instead of being named p_hanharr i need it named p_hanharrjedi or p_hanjedi, and the texture it uses changed from p_hanharr to p_hanharrjedi or p_hanjedi.
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