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This again?

Actually if we listen to Kreia in TSL (and in case you're going to give me any malarkey about TOR somehow invalidating the events of TSL, please explain exactly how it does so), then Revan turned to the dark side on his own while fighting the Mandalorian Wars, where he made it part of his strategies to deliberately have Jedi and Republic leaders not loyal to him killed off and use exposure to the horrors of war to corrupt his followers. The only change TOR makes in this regard is that Vitiate made him a Sith, not a dark-sider (and even then, we have room to believe that Revan declared himself a Sith Lord anyway before that upon finding the Trayus Academy).
The problem with the new canon is that when you read Revan novel it doesn't seem Revan is even aware of Trayus. The novel shows Revan as a Jedi until he met the Emperor, and that was after the battle of M5 when he shouldn't have been one. Then he is portrayed as a victim of the Emperor, poor soul who was brainwashed into being evil Sith Lord... (Revan novel points to this iirc, not to what you have said)

While K2 tells us about a guy who witnessed horrors of war, those affected him in such a way he become more Sith than anything, and was so full of himself thanks to recent victory that he believed he could protect ppl from greater evil.

That is what is irking me about new canon among other things, Drew simply couldn't live with the fact his character was not portrayed as somebody 100% good but quite the opposite so he needed to change it. So now, Revan was brainwashed into being Sith, and MSG was Exile's fault...
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