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Even with all It's flaws... I really enjoyed it and the anticipation surrounding it, piecing all the small clues together. I would have chosen The Hobbit but I don't regard it as a full movie so.


I know that it wasn't technically released this year, but I haven't really played any other games very actively. It seems my love of vidya has started to dissipate as I've gotten older, I don't enjoy it as much anymore. You just get other priorities in life.

Album, It's impossible for me to choose just one, so here goes:

This one really divided most Burzum fans, but I really love the direction Varg took with it. I can't quite put my finger on why exactly I like this album so much, it just has a wonderful atmosphere. Sort of Middle-Earth-ish. Perfect for a stormy night with some whiskey.

Simply put, ****ing great. This album takes you on a nomadic journey through vast deserts somewhere in the middle east. It has to be the most atmospheric stoner rock album I've ever heard. Gets better with each listen.

The second part of Earth's "Angels" album, quite simply one of the best drone albums I've had the pleasure of listening to so far. Seeing them live on April 5th (hint, hint) last year was an awesome experience as well. Really excited about the direction Dylan Carlson is heading towards with each new release.

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