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Post Galak Fayar to Admiral Thrawn conversion mod for jko

Hey everyone !!

l'm doing one small mod for jedi outcast becoz l almost play it alot and this mod is Galak Fayar to Admiral Thrawn conversion mod also this mod will include a new galak's mech skin and here is how they look

Galak Fayar to Admiral Thrawn screenshot :


The new Galak's mech skin :

please tell which one looks better l'm gana work on them all week and l'm doing this mod becoz l always wondred how would Galak Fayar look in Thrawn species and l'm trying to make Galak Fayar more like Thrawn

P.s don't mind the white part at Galak's mech screen becoz l gotted a big error at the mod view tool

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