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The Soldier's Destiny Trilogy

Some people may remember back when I was working on a KOTOR machinima (along with several other people). However it was cancelled to to technical issues. However I have now rebooted it with assistance from Darth Varkor from the KOTOR movie forums. The first movies was completed and uploaded in Early 2011, but deleted from you tube when Varkor removed his account. Now it has been re uploaded. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you...

The First movie in the Series, The Soldier's Destiny, is up on you tube right now.
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YouTube Video

NOTE: The film is 2.5 hours long make sure you have time enough to spend.

Now, I just released the first teaser trailer for the second film in the series, The Soldier's Destiny: Shadows of Darkness.

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YouTube Video

(and yes it is inspired by the Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer).

Many of you may wonder how this will effect my Mod. Honestly, I am still in the writing stage for Dark Resurgence and may not be finished for some time.

The current release date for the second film is early 2014.

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