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Originally Posted by Eefluxx View Post
Am putting this here because I don't know if I can become a member to the Walking Carpets website even tho I am not a member of the WC guild so I will ask this here.

On the Walking Carpets website you guys have been adding what to do with certain classes as for how to use the skill tree and what items are best and such things.

On the Gunslinger one by Mav he mentions 2 BIS Relics in Dread Guard Relic of Boundless Ages and Dread Guard Relic of Dark Radiance as Best In Slot Relics.

Now I have been told repeatedly you want to boost your main stat as high as possible as it gives bonuses to your other stats so why wouldn't the Matrix Cube that gives you 88 Cunning be considerd as a BIS Relic for the Gunslinger?

And I just want to say I appreciate all the things you guys do on that website as it has helped me level my other toons to be the best they can be.
Sorry, I really don't browse the LFN forums as much as I probably should so I didn't see this sooner. Also as far as being able to post on the forums at, if you create an enjin account, you should be able to post in the non-member areas, which are the ones you can see as a guest anyway, I'll have to get confirmation on that later.

Now to answer your specific question regarding the BiS relics for the Gunslinger, first lets clear up that initial misinformation that is confusing you.

Now, generally speaking what you heard about focusing on increasing your main stat as much as possible is for the most part correct. However it is important to know what exactly our main stat gives us. 1 point in Cunning is equal to .2 points of bonus damage and a very marginal increase in Critical Chance. So to put this in practical terms, every 100 points of Cunning translate to our attacks hitting for approximately 20 more damage. Of our secondary stats, 1 point of Power equates to a .24 bonus damage increase, so every 100 points in Power is equal to 24 more damage on average.

So now you'd think, well I should be stacking Power instead of Cunning, well that's not exactly true either. Pretty much all Gunslinger specs will take the talent points that increase our Cunning by 9%, so basically every 100 points in Cunning you add, you actually get 109 points. Now in this example the 100 points in Power still add more straight bonus damage than the resultant 109 points in Cunning, but what's not factored in is the bonus Critical chance from the Cunning.

So long story short it is all about what your choices are and which piece of gear gives you the best overall outcome. So let's take a look at mods first. Now if you were to pick the highest Cunning mods, you would pick up the Advanced Artful Mod 27A, they give 72 Cunning and 13 Power, the other choice is the Advanced Artful Mod 27, which gives you 56 Cunning and 44 Power. Taking what we know, lets do basic math and figure out what bonus to damage each mod gives us...

Artful 27A = (72*.2)+(13*.24) = 17.52
Artful 27 = (56*.2)+(44*.24) = 21.76

As you can see, trading 16 points in Cunning for 31 points in Power, benefits us greatly, so stacking Cunning isn't always the right choice. Again not factored in is the marginal increase in Critical Chance from Cunning, but that increase will not compensate for a 4 point damage spread.

Anyway, as is so often the case with me, none of this really applies that much to the whole topic of the relics, and I've gotten very far from that topic. So back to the relics.

As far as the Dread Guard Relic of Dark Radiance goes, there are very lengthy discussions and number crunchers all over the official SWTOR forums and elsewhere that state that the DPS gain from the damage proc relics is greater than the Matrix Cube by far, and the static Power increase from the PvP Relics as well. As for why the Dark Radiance variation of Proc relics, well that would be because it uses your Tech crit chance to determine how often it crits, the other procs use different crit chances, some use Force crit, which obviously as Gunslingers we don't have.

Now as for the Dread Guard Relic of Boundless Ages vs. the Matrix Cube, again we can defeat that debate with some simple math...

For arguments sake lets say the fight lasts 5 minutes, or 300 seconds

The Matrix Cube gives us 88 Cunning flat, at all times...

88*.2 = 17.6 * 300 seconds = 5280 over 5 minutes

Dread Guard Relic of Boundless Ages gives us a static 47 point increase to Power, and on-use increase of 350 power for... 20 seconds I think... it's 20 or 30, let's just say 20 to play it safe, and with a 2 minute cooldown we can use the relic twice over a 5 minute period

47*.24 = 11.28 * 300 seconds = 3384 over 5 minutes however, lets add in the on-use bonus....

350*.24 = 84 * 20 seconds * 2 uses = 3360 + 3384 from static power = 6744 over 5 minutes

So, Matrix Cube 5280, DG Boundless Ages, 6744.

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