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The problem is that the scenario of Sony and Microsoft using measures to stop second hand games from running on their systems is purely hypothetical. Sony may have researched this but then there are a tonne of patents by Nintendo that have them looking into crazy research such as using holographic media discs that can store terabytes of data... which I don't see anywhere on Wii U...

And the rumour you're talking about simply stems from that bit of research Sony was conducting. There's not even once shred of mention of Microsoft at all.

The problem is that neither Ouya or Shield have any sort of foothold on the console market, cheaper prices or not. Like I said, this isn't the first time this kind of thing has happened. The big reason why Sony was able to get in was because of their hardware relationship with Nintendo and then the huge developer backlash against Nintendo. The only reason Microsoft is in is because they bought their way into the console market with a vengeance... because they're Microsoft.

Hence why at this stage, I'm thinking that Steambox has the only chance out of the three since they already have a sure foothold on the gaming industry to begin with. We'll know more once Valve reveals more to us... but I think their move into the console market probably has more to do with their own blacklash against Microsoft and Windows 8 more than them trying to conquer the console market.

That said, in the hypothetical scenario that both Sony and Microsoft cut their own heads off and use methods to stop second hand games, then still, out of all the three, Steambox is the only one that really has a chance. |

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