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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
As a hardcore gamer, why would I want to invest in Ouya, Shield and Steambox when I have the big three consoles and a gaming PC?
Apologies, I meant niche gamer. As in gamers who are in the know about the industry, know what indie games are, what ports are, and so on. These would invariably be a subset of the hardcore gamers, or to use the more PC term lately, 'core' gamer - not necessarily the ones clocking 12 hours a day into CS or CoD, but the ones generally in the know of the industry.

We'll know more once Valve reveals more to us... but I think their move into the console market probably has more to do with their own blacklash against Microsoft and Windows 8 more than them trying to conquer the console market.
I agree with this. I think this really is the most decent reason why Valve hasn't formally announced the Steambox yet - it's too early to hype about, both for consumers and for the manufacturer. It's Steam's way of making sure their consumers, and video games as a whole can tide over whatever Microsoft is going to cook up after Windows 8.

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