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Originally Posted by Bob Saget View Post
Valve creating a Steam Box console is promising

*insert delayed HL3 joke here*
[10:20:51 AM] Lynk Former: also... gabe'n takes the stage, takes the fine black cloth off of the steambox unit on the stage, stares silently into the crowd, says nothing. behind him the screen says "Half-Life 3 exclusive to Steambox, coming at launch" and then he walks off backstage.
[10:24:33 AM] Miltiades: launch date not mentioned, people fear the worst
[10:24:40 AM] Lynk Former: lol
[10:25:27 AM] Miltiades: From the crowd, you hear people say: "Wait! Wait, Gary, exactly when is launch! Please, Gary, tell us!"
[10:25:43 AM] Lynk Former: GAAAAAAAAAAAARYYYYYY!!!!!!
[10:25:48 AM] Miltiades: "Don't leeeeeeeeeeave"

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