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Light stood in front of Kif, deflecting blaster bolts until Per'dra put the soldiers into stasis. When their blood vessels began to burst, Light moved over to Zarev and spoke quietly so as to avoid disturbing Per'dra.

"I'm going to help the others, be careful here. Try to save those soldiers if you can."

Light burst into a sprint, using the Force to muffle his footsteps, all the way outside, hopping onto a speeder and starting it up.

Should've muffled that too... Sorry

He kicked it into gear and took off where the dirt was still swirling from Avriela's flight to join the others, following the disturbance in the Force as a compass. Light arrived in time to see Varik on the stranger. Adrenaline heightening his senses, he could hear a crunching sound coming from there, and began to attempt to ram them with the speeder, hoping Varik would get out of the way in time.
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