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Is she really worse than our esteemed CMO on the Ackbar?

Tavaryn gave a slight eye roll, The Viper has a better bedside manner.

I survived in stasis for nearly a hundred years and I've made it all the way to this century. I'd say the force is always with me.

Tavaryn knew that. Hell he was just as old as she was, if you could count it like that. He sighed as he looked at nothing in particular and replied, I love you. There was nothing else that he could say.


Tyrannus looked at the Cathar. He was rather impressed at the resilience. He looked at the child who was scared. He looked at Varith who was commenting to the newcomer. He recognized this Jedi very well. He taunted, "Oh no bodyguard?"


Jun-la followed behind Xandros and covered the stray blaster shots. She pointed in the direction of the child. She said, "That way. The odds will be evened." She knew that Alriana wasn't one to sit by and do nothing.

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