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I love you.

Alriana smiled despite facing a sith and another possibly enemy, she sent a quick message back to Tavaryn. I love you to. And I promise that I'll come back.

"Oh no bodyguard?"

Alriana's smile vanished and was replaced with a determined expression. "I don't need a bodyguard." She said as she turned to look at Varith who was starting to talk.

"I thought you would arrive sooner. This just shows how slow the jedi are to act."

"Well you didn't really help matters by alerting the pirates that you were here." Alriana shot back. "When we got here they were on high alert. But now is not the time to argue." she said as she turned back to Tyrannus.

"Now...stand awa-" Alriana's eyes widened as she finally recognized the sith standing in front of her. "You...I didn't expect to see you again."

Tavaryn...Tyrannus is here...she sent to Tavaryn.

Varith couldn't help but notice how the Jedi's eyes had widened when she apparently recognized the sith. "Friend of yours?" He asked mockingly.

Alriana shook her head. "No...An old enemy." she said. "A very dangerous enemy."

"That way. The odds will be evened."

Xandros nodded and took off in the direction Jun-la had pointed at. "So tell me," he asked as they ran. "How dangerous is this Tyrannus? Anything that we should watch out for while fighting him?"
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