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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
It's never been just "the big three" if you look throughout console history there have been more than just three console makers with varying success... just that the big three are... BIG.
The idea is that the Big Three are facing a bout of attacks on their supremacy; not that they are the only consoles there are.
What remains to be seen is whether the new encroachments are successful, or if they'll fall flat.

I think the biggest thing the new consoles have going for them is hardware standardization in combination with an open developmental platform.

Lack of standardization is a major problem for Android developers, and one of the biggest (legitimate) reasons gaming on iOS is bigger than on Android. With hundreds of hardware configurations that your customers could have, optimizing and testing code is difficult. Support is even worse.

Nvidia has been pushing its weight to create standardization using their Tegra GPU's. Tegra's aren't always the fastest/most powerful of their generations of GPU's, but their being a standard has allowed developers to sometimes focus specifically on it when designing their games, achieving greater graphical fidelity than on other System-On-Chip's.

Adding whole-device standardization to the mix (especially input), along with free SDK's and low cost publication would make platforms like the Ouya and Gamestick quite attractive for mobile developers, i'd think.

On the consumer side, i think the low price point of these two platforms will be the greatest factor. It'd allow accessibility for lower economic strata of society that weren't traditionally able to afford games consoles, and I'd say extensive adoption in developing countries could be a plausible possibility too (e.g. in South America, where the gaming industry is growing).

In my opinion however, having multiple platforms with the same premise releasing at the same time is not a good idea. It'll just cause splintering of customer bases, and prevent the movement from getting a foothold in the home console market.
As unlikely as it is, I would hope that Boxer8 and Playjam (and even more unlikely, Nvidia) combine their forces somehow in their attempt to break open the console market.

Personally, what i'm hoping for once the Ouya and Game Stick are released, is a dual-bootable gaming ROM for high end Android phones, based off the aforementioned consoles' OS's - a ROM that does nothing but game, with gaming oriented features, which can then be used as an Ouya or a Game Stick.

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