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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
I don't see the decline of the console industry simply because I know there's a lot of people who know nothing about how to troubleshoot when anything goes wrong on a PC.
Oh I wasn't indicating a decline--I don't see a decline either. I just see a subtle grab, to people 'on the fence' through appealing to what is cheaper in the present. What's easier. It's a small segment but the small things matter over time.

As for console manufacturers trying to reel in the PC gamers? They're not concerned at all, they don't need to try to do anything to attract PC gamers at all because the market they have no is huge and profitable.
I do agree their customer base is larger than ever, but I rather take a more catch 22 view. Sure for the most part customers are inert and tend to stick around in the same place "cuz it's easy". It's a long shot admittedly: If the general perception changes, though, so will behavior. That's how challengers pull off upsets.

The stress of trying to figure out all the various big and small things that go wrong with PC gaming <*brevity*> All they REALLY want to do is insert game and start. Which is all a lot of people want to do.
In fact, they smart thing which they've done is try and go the other direction and attract people who don't generally play the video games that we all play. The so called "casual gamers" and "non-gamers"...
I hadn't considered how they'd get those customers outside the fray. Good point.

As to the rest, that's generally sort of what I meant about luring away current and future customers from PC, and those "on the fence" so to speak. As I said, they'll never lure away the hardcore PC gamers who took the plunge and are already there.

I was more getting at the persistence angle upon those already in the fray: Sure it's a huge customer base, but it didn't just get that way overnight. As the youngest customers get older, tastes change. But people are hesitant if not resistant to change too. Hence the general analogy "it's easier to remain the champ than to become one" regarding the industry.

Get it ingrained that easier IS cheaper which is good, and the NOW is best. People will stick around because it's so heavily in their subconscious. As the youngest get older, the companies stay persistent. Since people are resistant to change even in the "margin", odds favor incumbency.

The incumbents (consoles) would have to do whatever they can to ensure their main customers stick around, reeling them in from a young age away from other forms or mediums of entertainment (*NOT* just PC gaming I might add!). So far it has worked pretty well I think. They just don't have to work as hard *now* at retention as newcomers do at making a dent.

Still, it's about perception. I wouldn't underestimate it, and it doesn't look like consoles do either. To their credit.
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