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Sevairis's body suddenly tensed up as he sensed the incoming speeder. The Dark Council member used his one remaining hand to send a blast of force energy into the ground, both he and Varik went flying into the air as the speeder passed harmlessly past them.

Sevairis landed on his side with Varik still hanging off him. He grunted in pain, the odd landing angle had hurt his leg but the voice inside his head was still forcing him to fight.

Enough of this. Kill them all.

Sevairis gathered the force around him and unleashed a massive burst of energy that sent Varik flying off him and pulverized a good portion of the ground around him. He reached for his lightsaber only to notice that it was gone.

Sevairis unleashed a powerful surge of lightning from his hands even as his eyes searched for his missing lightsaber.

Republic HQ

"It's too late. The only thing either of us can do now is try to find this 'black-cloaked man' of whom one soldier spoke. The thing is, that describes every single Sith I've ever encountered, except for Master Karos, who was a traitor. She was a Jedi in name, but a Sith at heart, all in white...Enough of old memories. Let's go!"

"I can't help but think that somehow Voleran is involved in this somehow." Zarev said quietly as he took a look at Kif. "Is it possible that he was the one who corrupted the men?"
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