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You...I didn't expect to see you again.

Tyrannus couldn't help but smile. He recognized the pretty Jedi well and noticed how her friend was adamant about protecting her. He replied, "What is it you Jedi say? The Force wills it."

He held his lightsaber out to keep them from approaching, effectively putting himself between them and the little Cathar child. He looked at them both and added, "Children are precious aren't they? So young and malleable."

He then closed his eyes slightly and reached out with the Force. He discovered something and it was a treat. He was going to have fun with this game.


Jun-la finished with her round or strikes and looked around. The coast was mostly clear and they had a good chance of getting to the child and getting her out. However their newest problem was going to be tough. She had only heard stories and her father and uncle had always been evasive about it.

How dangerous is this Tyrannus? Anything that we should watch out for while fighting him?

Jun-la looked at Xandros and replied, "He has trouble dying."

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