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One of the things that annoys me slightly by the public debate is people trying to point to Chicago and say gun control does not work. Sorry that is completely a bogus cop-out. Chicago does not work because criminals still get guns from neighboring towns. The use straw purchases, CNN did a story last night and the idiot talking heads went straight to they did not point out that straw purchases are illegal since the 1960's. So what? The problem with the law is all you have to say is the gun was stolen after you purchased it should the weapon be traced back to you after a crime or murder. So if you are so irresponsible to not report the theft of a deadly weapon, then you are not responsible enough to own a weapon. That person is either a criminal or so stupid that they are a danger to them-self and society. Chicago Superintendent wants make a state law that you have to report a theft of a deadly weapon (something that is just stupid to even be necessary), but the NRA is against this as it restricts the gun owners rights and you can't trust the Superintendent since he is from New York (and we all know how they are). That was they last straw for me, I remember when the NRA was for responsible gun ownership, now they are just give everyone a gun and let the gun god sort it out. I LOL when they said something about wanting to talk about protecting children. Yeah arm the 7 year olds was probably at the top of their list.

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