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Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
Pointing to such things as "gun free zones" and cities with strict gun control laws as being ineffective isn't a bogus cop-out. Ultimately, criminals don't care what laws you come up with or where you designate gun free zones b/c they just don't give a damn. Still, I'd agree that opposition to even some common sense rules is daft. The only reason I can think of off the top of my head for not reporting a stolen weapon is that you might be incriminating yourself for criminal negligence and wish to spare yourself the embarrassment. Of course if/when said weapon shows up in a criminal investigation, embarrassment will be the least of your worries.
Pointing it out when you know the reason the gun free zone does work is because other area don't enforce their own rules is bogus. It isn't that Chicago rules don't work, it is that the surrounding areas that don't enforce federal laws at all. It is a loophole and it isn't about embarrassement or worry, because with the loophole their is no embarrassement or worry, you say it was stolen way back when and you did not report it and you get a get out of jail scott free card. It also is not about being a innoccent gun owner, it is being a low life criminal that is a accessory to a crime even murder because of suppling guns to criminals for profit.

Funny thing you can say it is a loophole it can't be enforces, but the NRA saying they don't want to close the loophole, sounds to me like they support giving criminals guns and thus support the Chicago murder rate and why not it support the advertisment to sell more guns elsewhere. All about the money to hell with human life.

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