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The reason a lot of "gun free zones" don't work is not b/c law abiding citizens generally ignore them. Recognizing that isn't bogus, so we'll just have to disagree on that general point. Again, it comes down to the criminals. Society can make all the rules it wants, but making rules is all it will be (and we're not merely talking about the example you laid out above). Btw, that doesn't mean you don't have laws or that you don't enforce the ones already on the books. It's just ironic that areas in the US w/very strict gun laws often have higher violent gun crime rates.

As to the loophole in question, unless the "low level accessory" is actually buying guns and then selling them on the black market for profit and using the loophole as a get-out-of-jail free card, then why wouldn't they initially report the stolen firearm in the first place (which is what my point about embarrassment was addressing)?

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