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Originally Posted by Keyan Farlander View Post
Road trip to Asheville, NC next weekend! Who's in?
If I wasn't already flying down to Florida on Saturday, I'd be all over that.

Productive week at work... except for the day we had our department holiday party. The early-morning grind wore me out, though. We got a lot of things repaired and re-organized though. Still a number of things that could be done... but those will have to wait now. The busy time starts up again on Monday.

One of the women I work with got the catapult at the party. She actually seemed really excited about it though. She also came to the party looking somewhat reminiscent of Princess Leia for some reason... Probably because one of my other co-workers put an Ewok hat in the swap. He got his own gift...

I got a collection of measuring spoons, engraved with floral designs and the words "Live, Laugh, Love" on them. I gave those away before I made it home.

Elvis impersonator tonight. He's been here a number of times before. Should be easy.

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