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I am stuck can anyone help?

What values do I change in order to get the cutscene to go back to Onderon?

I'm running the latest versions of TSLRCM and the hk factory mod (whatever that weird naming scheme is) and mostly just texture mods and the korriban tomb and corescant planet mods, and some force power mod.

Anyways, I did Onderon last and I've tried a whole bunch of **** figuring maybe that would advance the plot so the mandalorean would call me back, and he hasn't. Every time I enter the ship, it starts to fade to black, then goes to normal as if it wanted to run something but it couldn't.

My journal shows up with:

"hey this bith has his arm cut off"
"Hey this is master Kavar, I'll call you later"
"from the datapad you found on korriban, t3 says you can go to the planet m4-78 to find jedi master Vash the Stampede"

(a little embellishment but that's the current progress)

I've completed all other planets, and all other content. Everything. I'm stuck, right here and I have no idea what to do. Can I warp somewhere? Can I change some values in KSE in order to force it to fire?

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