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It seems that the Steam version of the game already has "Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1" in the Graphics Options of the .ini file. If a couple other people who bought the game on Steam want to double check that, a note could probably be made on that forum post to that effect.

Due to the game being launched through Steam, I don't think that particular cmd line (mentioned in Step 8) would work and I'm irrationally afraid of screwing something up by changing it. But I did use the alternate method using the Task Manager to run it on a single core. It didn't help. Same crash, same location.

I'm thinking that perhaps my saves are corrupted in addition to whatever the original issue was. I just wish I had a way of testing whether running off the multi-core was the issue. The point I'm at is:
After obtaining the Star Map on Korriban, having just slain my way back out of the Sith Academy to reach the Ebon Hawk, but immediately before entering it to leave the planet. The glitch itself occurs the moment I enter my ship.
Is there a way to get a save state from somewhere at or just before this point to test whether the use of a quad-core processor was the issue or whether my saves were somehow corrupted from something else?
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