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No it did not stop Columbine.... another one of the give everyone gun aguments that I will never understand...No way short of going back and taking everyone's assault weapon that is already on the market would stop all murders with assault weapons. NRA loves to point this and other gun laws out should they do not work when they were the ones that lobbied (paidoff) Washington to make sure any gun law passed is so weak that it couldn't possibly work.

Taft Union High School had a armed guard, but the armed guard didn't stop the school shooting there either (see it works both ways when people use 1/2 truths and misinformation to make their point).

Another one of my favorite auguments out of the gun nuts (trust me only a gun nut would make this argument) is we need assualt weapons to defend ourselves from the government. Word of advice, if it ever comes to the point that you have to defend yourself against a US military soldier, put down the weapon or you will die. Our greatest protection against a government take over, is we the people are the government and we the people are the military. People that think they need assault weapons to stand up against our troops shouldn't be allowed to own weapons, they are too stupid and a danger to their ownself.

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