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Um the Taft guard was out that day.

Also, I heard that the majority of the deaths in Aurora were caused by the shotgun he was carrying. Even if that isn't true, I can pretty much prove that a shotgun can be significantly more deadly than an AR-15. Especially in close quarters like a theater or school.

In all honesty, with roughly 90million gun owners, and 1.4 million soldiers, If 1 in 10 kills the people trying to take the guns, gun owners still win. That's also assuming that soldiers would fire on civilians and family members. That's also assuming that the soldiers and pilots could accept killing those in the US. And to be frank, it's to defend against a tyrannical government. Be it our own or another.

The one I laugh at is the anti gunners saying that there is no need for an AR-15 for home defense. First off it ignores a couple things. First is that either it's a deadly weapon that is efficient at killing, and therefore a useful tool for home defense, or it's not effective, and there is no reason to ban it. The advantage of an AR is really for the lighter frame users(aka women). While a shotgun is my preferred home defense firearm, it is significantly easier for my girlfriend to carry aim and shoot the lighter AR-15. The second thing they don't realize is that for home defense, PISTOLS SUCK! Seriously. If I could, I'd rather carry a rifle all day than a pistol. Pistols are only good for being concealed. Use your pistol to get to your shotgun or rifle. Use your shotgun to get to your rifle.

I think I would be okay with all sales having to go through a background check at gun shows(That's already the case in Florida). The problem comes when talking about private sales outside of the gun show. There's really no way to regulate that. It also makes it more difficult to pass a firearm down to your kids after your death. I may not have gotten my great grandfather's rifle had the restrictions been in place that Feinstein wants.

And really, why go after "assault weapons" anyway. Since the gun ban was lifted on "Assault Weapons" there have been a grand total of less than 500 murders committed with an "Assault Weapon." That's 8 years worth of murders, and it doesn't even equal the number of murders committed in Chicago last year. It's less than the number of murders committed with a hammer. The real reason for the ban is pretty obvious. It was even stated by Feinstein that she wanted a total ban on all guns, and the AWB was the first step.

"I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it." Thomas Jefferson
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