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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
Um the Taft guard was out that day.
I know that, why do you think I pointed out it was a 1/2 truth. I was pointing out both sides can use half/truths (lies) to support their cause and it is doing nothing at all to limit these types of murder. Open honest discussion and honest implication of common sense laws can save lives, but no law or amount of weapons will end this type of violence. If one nut job decides to murder people, they will. Armed guards, no guns, armed teachers, no assault weapons, no clips... so on and so on, nothing will stop it. Even if you locked up all nut jobs, someone would fall through the cracks. Nothing will stop it. So to me, the goal should be limiting the magnitude of the events and the ease in which people pull off these events.

There were "23,237 accidental non-fatal gunshot injuries in the United States during 2000" So to me, not everyone that qualifies to own a firearm, should be armed. To me owning a firearm is a great responsibility and as such it should be treated with respect. You arm all teachers, mall worker and everyone else working in public areas, you think the chances of accidental shooting and deaths go up or down? I am sure we can all think of many people that could pass the gun requirements, but have no business having a drivers license much less a firearm.

Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
In all honesty, with roughly 90million gun owners, and 1.4 million soldiers, If 1 in 10 kills the people trying to take the guns, gun owners still win. That's also assuming that soldiers would fire on civilians and family members. That's also assuming that the soldiers and pilots could accept killing those in the US. And to be frank, it's to defend against a tyrannical government. Be it our own or another.
Yeah, guns would work wonders against tanks, aircraft, drones and everything else the military has to offer. You also lost my point (ignored it) I don't believe our military would attack our civilians and I also know of at least one of those 90 million gun owners that would not attack our soldiers who are sworn to protect me and uphold The Constitution. It is a stupid nonsensical argument on why we should have assault weapons. Saying I like using them for target practice or home protection is a valid reason, saying I need them to protect us against our own soldiers is idiotic.

Man with AR-15 goes up against a platoon of American Soldiers, man with AR-15 is dead.

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