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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
Mim. Fine then, we should be allowed to purchase any weapon or vehicle our government can. Feel better?
So you are saying it is ok for me to own nuclear weapons, but it is not alright for a foreign country to own them? Or are you now saying you support Iran and North Korea’s right to have nuclear weapons?
Putting words in others mouth can work both ways, because I am not saying we should have the same weapons as the government. I am saying that assault weapons would be useless in protecting us from a government takeover. Just because Billy Bob watched a couple john wayne movies, does not make them a expert at going against trained soldiers.

I never said anything of the kind. I haven't said people should not have assault weapons. I just said if someone is stupid enough to want an assault weapon (since it is a useless overprice weapon) at least give a valid reason and quit spouting off stupidity. I even wrote; I want to use it for target practice or I want it for home protection are valid reasons. These idiot gun nuts just need to stop making people think all gun owners are stupid and paranoid idiots. In other works the NRA needs to get better people in front of the camera.

Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
Accidental shootings: Well, first off, that's why I would say they should be allowed to carry IF they have their CCW as that requires their willingness to own rather than forcing teachers to carry. Which by the way, I wouldn't mind if they tightened up the training requirements.
CCW is not a magic pill. People with CCW still have weapons involved in accidental shootings.

Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
I also feel that there should be a legal requirement that any place that has a sign that says "No Firearms Permitted" should have an armed guard to enforce that rule. Simply putting up the sign only covers the law abiding. If you disarm me, you take on the responsibility of protecting me.
Why? If you don’t like it, then don’t go into those areas. It isn’t rocket science and this is not Beirut.

This is another of those things that has been bugging me in the news lately. I am not trying to take away anyone’s weapon. Like I have said before I am a gun owner. I am actually legally armed at the moment. However, if I go somewhere that has a “No Firearms Permitted” I will unarm. I am not trying to shove my belief structure down anyone’s throat and the only people responsible for a shooting is the person pulling the trigger and the person responsible for the firearm (if they have a legal or criminal responsibility would depend on the circumstances).
Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
Also, lets look at the truth behind the "Assault Weapon"
No…Link doesn’t work, but is this part of the debate, because you and Totenkopf seem to agree on this and I don’t care. Assault Weapon are a useless weapon in my opinion. They are not good for hunting and IMO useless for home protection. That was an opinion given to me by a US Marine and a former Navy Seal (notice I did not call the Marine former). No article is going to change my mind when my father and uncle taught me otherwise over years. I have recently shot an AR-15 former army friend bought since he believes Obama will take away his guns. Nothing changed my mind from first hand contact. At close enough range (as in a home) I would much rather have the shotgun over the AR-15 in my house.

My only thing suggestion on the subject is people should be responsible for their firearms. However, I seemed to have been meet with people have the right to guns…no matter what. Only thing I am convinced of now is I will support businesses that have signs that say no firearms. At least there I only have to worry about nut cases and criminals shooting me instead of idiots that think they are going to save America.

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