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Actually mimartin, I was saying it. And actually, I say DISARM OUR GOVERNMENT! If we cannot have it, the government shouldn't either. And that would include Nukes. And heck, if someone wants to buy a $5 billion nuclear powered submarine(I could see Larry Ellison wanting one)

I already pointed out why an "Assault Weapon" is actually pretty good for home defense. But let me explain that a bit better, as I know I can sometimes ramble and the point can be lost.

Reasons for an AR-15 for home defense
A rifle is more accurate than a pistol.
The .223 round is effective at stopping a threat.
The chances of over-penetration are lower than many pistol rounds
The AR-15 can carry more rounds should there be more than one attacker.
Should you have to move, you have even more control of your firearm.
Even though you are using it as a rifle, it actually sticks out less than a pistol.
Unlike a shotgun you can place your shots more carefully.
The AR-15 is light enough for a woman to easily use.
Because I can't afford an assault rifle.

As for the CCW: I should have explained that it's a matter of where you get them right now. Some places get the CCW as a free prize in a Cracker Jack's box. There should be a bit more to the training and more consistent training at that. I would even be fine with requiring that persons wishing to carry on their school grounds be required to undertake even further training. Right now, the schools are a great place to practice shooting at moving targets without fear of anyone shooting back. Ask yourself why there have never been any mass shootings at a gun show. There are THOUSANDS of guns there. And before the shooting I went to a gun show and there were more than a thousand AR-15's for sale and being carried.

"I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it." Thomas Jefferson

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