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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
I know for darn sure a idiot representive of the NRA did say that. It was a idiot, but so are most of their talking heads.

I hadn't thought of this, someone pointed it out to me, 1. I wish someone would have been armed at Fort Hood to stop that mass shooting. 2. There was a armed guard a Columbine....hmmm seems this isn't the rainbow and puppy dog fix the NRA seem to making it out to be. Don't believe me - Neil Gardner
As for the quote, I would like a confirmation of it. Who said to lock up the mentally ill.

You ever been on a military base? Ever tried to carry a firearm on a military base? Thanks to the higher ups, only a few people are allowed and only in specific areas for their duties. Military personnel are no better off on a base than most civilians are waiting on the police. Just to be clear on that one.

As for Columbine: According to the CNN reports of that day, and official reports, he DID in fact save several dozen lives. even though he started from OFF CAMPUS and had to rush from the "smoker's pit" to the scene of the shooting.

But don't worry, it was the AR-15's that they were carrying that made their killing so easy. Just like Cho used his AR-15. wait....

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