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So me and my buddy got our Sith Sorcerer and Maurader up to lvl 50 which gives me 2 50's now and currently trying to get them geared.

Playing as a healer this time I realize they don't get a lot of love when they save the day and most of the blame when they wipe even tho it would help if the tank and dps would heal themselves between fights instead of just running from fight to fight. It has helped me more appreciate my healer when I am my dps and try to help out whenever I can.

But my question is next we both want to be Bounty Hunters and Troopers. If we both play a Bounty Hunter or Trooper at the same time and are leveling together do we have to do the class missions twice?

Like when we get to the green door and he goes in first so he owns the story do we then have to go back in the green door with me going first to own the story once we finish his?

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