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As soon as Toryal and Vette arrived on the bridge they could tell that Quinn had been busy. A few of the consoles were missing their covers and it looked like Quinn was going to try and pull the covers off the rest of them. Quinn looked up at them and shook his head as he held up a small round blinking device.

"We're being tracked." Quinn said quietly. "I don't know how they got this tracker aboard the ship. The last time I checked for tracking devices was a few days before we confronted Darth Baras. As far as I know, there hasn't been anyone aboard this ship besides our crew since then. It was lodged on the inside of the weapon's console. The only reason I was able to find it was because it was interfering with a weapons systems test. I opened up the console to see if a wire was loose and there it was."

Toryal walked over as Quinn held the device outward to he could grab it. Toryal took the offered device and took a look at it. Something about it felt...familiar. Almost as though he had once encountered the one who had created it. "This is a standard issue imperial tracking device." He said as Quinn nodded. "It looks as though it's seen a bit of wear and tear though." He said thoughtfully as he looked at the device which was covered with small dents and scratches.

"Something needs to be done about this My Lord." Quinn said as he sat down at the pilot's console and entered a few commands. "I think it's safe to assume that whoever planted this knows that we've found it. I'm going to run a scan of our computer systems and see if we there are any more possibe devices lodged in the consoles. Should we change course?"

Toryal looked at Vette who was looking down at the floor. Although he couldn't see her face he could tell that she was upset by what was happening by the way her Lekku were slightly shaking.

"Take us out of hyperspace." He said with a sigh. He hated it when Vette was disappointed but he didn't want her to get hurt somehow. He turned to look at Vette. "I'm sorry Vette, I promise that I'll make this up to you somehow."

Vette looked up with a small smile on her face. "I know you will."

Toryal smiled at her and than looked over at Quinn. "Bring us about and set course for Dromund Kaas orbital station and engage the hyperdrive when ready. I think it would be best as if we lock down the ship as soon as we arrive at the station."

Quinn had just entered the coordinates and was about to engage the hyperdrive when the entire pilot's console suddenly flashed once and went dark. The ship suddenly began to turn and one of the displays on the wall showed that a new set of coordinates was being transfered to the main computer.

Quinn wasn't wasting time with the non-responsive helm, instead he was moving towards the auxillary control panel which was quickly starting to flash. "My Lord, sensors are not showing us where we're going. As far as I can tell, we're flying blind."

Toryal was about to respond when the intercomn suddenly activated. Toryal froze for a moment as his mind raced to try and place the voice...but he couldn't. It was familiar though.

"Do you remember me Wrath?" The voice asked mockingly. "No...of course you don't. After all, you've fought and killed so many since your humble beginings on Korriban."

That voice...I can't place it! Toryal thought as his hand went down to his lightsaber.

"Before you try to sense me you should know that I'm currently not aboard your ship. I was able to hack your communications systems. Remember my voice Wrath. Sooner or later, you will remember me."

The intercomn abruptly turned off and Toryal looked at Quinn and Vette. "We need to search the ship." Toryal said abruptly. "Vette, get the rest of the crew to search the ship for any more devices. Quinn. Try and find where he's hacking into the ship from and take back control."

Vette turned and headed for the dormitories while Quinn turned to look at Toryal. "My Lord...what will you be doing?"

Toryal was headed for the cargo bay but he turned to look back at him.

"Preparing." He said quietly as he turned and left the bridge.
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