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Confrontation and realization

I stood there, watching the bus come and go. I was a mass of confusion. First a girl with sexual fantasies fixated on me, now a girl I dreamed of dating who thought I would know my female half! When it rains it pours. On top of that, I missed my bus!

I started walking. Maybe I could-

“You two timing bastard!” I spun around to stare at a girl standing in the center of the street. She had long black hair, and was in one of our school uniforms, but I didn't recognize her. All I knew was she was staring at me as if I were something disgusting on her shoe. She was glaring at me with such hate I wondered what had I done to piss her off this much.

Then I felt the ring pinching as her hair suddenly flared out as if a hurricane wind blowing from me to her had caught it. I brought my arms up protectively as her arm rose, and something slammed me into and through the wall into the school again. A neat trick, those walls would stop anything smaller than an armored personnel vehicle!

I rolled; then found myself in the middle of the girl's track, crouched defensively, and in girl form. Lucky for me I changed so rapidly; I would have been a paste on that wall otherwise. She still stood in the street, though I could only see her outline through the haze of dust caused by my passage. She stalked forward, and I dropped my book bag to get ready. She waved, and a section of the wall around my outline crumbled to dust to allow her to walk past it. She stopped when she saw me, then looked left and right. “Where is that lowlife?” She snarled.

“Who?” I asked.

“The bastard that went through the wall! I'm going to rip off his balls and feed them to him!”

“What did he do to you?” I asked.

Her head stopped moving, then turned slowly to look at me. I was uncomfortably reminded of the turret of a battleship locking on target. “That doesn't concern you, unless he's important to you.” She flicked her fingers, and I was suddenly flying backwards, and slammed into the opposite exterior wall about two hundred yards from where I had been standing.

I pulled myself from the depression my body had made. I took off running toward her. She merely smiled, and reached out, closing her hand. Something like a giant hand caught me, then she raised her hand and mimed throwing a baseball. The next instant I was flying for the horizon spinning.

Right, no more mist- Ms Nice Guy. I moved my arms, and came out of the spin. Maybe I was learning, it came almost automatically. I kept flying the same direction she had thrown me as I went into a climb. How fast could I go?

I went through the cloud cover, going into a looping turn, headed back down. My arms came back, mimicking the swing wings on an F 14 Tomcat. I felt a shudder but it stopped. I saw the school racing toward me. She was standing there as if she didn't believe it.

I arched up, passing about five feet over her head, then up into another turn. I slowed down, and came back at a slower pace. Every window in the school had been shattered, and she was crumpled against the wall. I didn't know how fast I was going, but I understood why supersonic planes don't go full speed this close to the ground.

She stirred, then came to her feet, shaking her head. I landed in front of her. “What's you're problem? What did he, or I do to deserve this crap?”

“You came between him and Janice!” She screamed. “The first guy to even talk to her, and you got in the way!”

“How could I have gotten in the way?”

“She is such a shy girl. She works in the library because she wants to meet guys, and is afraid of it at the same time. So she wanted to find someone who likes her. And you and that... floozy had to get in the way.”

“We're not in the way! Or at least I am not. And what does Janice have to do with this? What is she to you?”

“I am Janice!” She screamed.

I stared at her. “Yet you're talking about her in the third person.”

“Because I am the part of her that tries to help her get what she needs in life! She needs someone to love her.” She glared at me. “And you're trying to steal Nick away!”

“I wouldn't steal him away from her! Hell, I can't steal him away from her!”

“Why not?” She shrieked, hands coming up to aim at me again.

“Be cause I am Nick you stupid cow!”

She stared at me. “Pull the other one.”

“I swear by whatever god you care to name that I am Nick Parker.”

She stalked toward me, glaring into my eyes. Then she looked down. “I am sorry I bothered you.” She walked away.

“Hey.” She stopped, then turned her head. “You blew me through a wall, tried to throw me halfway across the city, and don't even give me your name?”


“No, I know you're some kind of twisted dual personality, that much I figured out. But from most stories I have heard, you have to have a name of your own.”

“Janus, you dork. The Roman God of beginnings, ends, gates, doors, time and transitions. It sounds the same as her name. That was why I chose it.” She explained as if to an idiot. “Okay?”

“Sorry.” I leaped to my briefcase, picked it up, then leaped to her side back in guy form. “Maybe we can sit down, have some coffee, and we can try to arrange her love life.”

“Without asking her?”

“Did you ask her when you decided to blow me away, in both forms?”

“No. It doesn't work that way. I can see what she does, and hear it. Even hear her thoughts. But she doesn't hear mine.”

“Are you sure?”

She gave me a wicked grin. “If she heard, she wouldn't be a virgin.”

“She feels some of it, I know that.”


“When the books fell, and one bounced between her legs, you were wishing it was something else.” I wiggled my eyebrows, and she blushed. “Come on, let's see what we can do about her love life.” I stuck out my hand, and she shook it.

Now Famous

That afternoon was weird. Janus and I went to Starbucks, and we talked over what Janice would like. I realized that the shy girl was the female mirror of me; too shy to put herself forward, unwilling to admit that she was attractive. Janus explained that she had 'come out' the year before. Janice had helped one of the boys, a Jock named Ted Bramson by writing a report for him. I knew Ted, he was an putz. Then I remembered right before summer vacation, he had boasted about how some stupid girl in the library had written the report he got an A on.

Only now did I remember that Janice, whom I had seen but didn't yet know, had been walking past where the jocks were sitting, and must have heard him. That afternoon he had gone out to the parking lot across from the school and freaked out. His old 72 LTD had been smashed as if by a trash compacter. Or, I thought; perhaps, someone with telekinetic power just picking it up and squeezing it like a beer can into a crumpled mass. He was lucky Janus hadn't decided to play hardball until she met me.

We had decided that we wouldn't tell Janice about her until later, and were considering having another coffee, when I heard something odd. It sounded like a movie version of orders being passed to a pilot in the air:

Blazer one, target is four hundred miles on your nose, flying course 025, speed 500 knots. You are ordered to close to one hundred miles. If they have not altered course away, you are to splash them.

“Nick? Are you listening?” I raised my hand. This was important, I knew that.

Understood, command. Close to one hundred miles.

Range now three eight zero miles.

I found myself on the sidewalk, looking south. Janus was looking worried.

“I have something to do, Janus. I ended up like this because some group of gods decided man needed heroes again. And right now, they need a hero that way,” I pointed south, “about 1100 miles from here.” I leaped into the air.

I didn't know how fast I had been when I buzzed Janus. Supersonic, I know. But nothing can fly will fly over a thousand miles in so short a time. At least nothing I could think of. If only I could travel that distance in an instant.

An instant later I saw a flash of light in front of me. Instinctively I dived. It was good thing I did; as I saw what looked like a 767 flash overhead. I could hear the two huge engines scream past, and was climbing up to loop back. I could see the airline logo, it was flying to Miami from Caracas. At least, that is where it was supposed to be going. I could hear people murmuring in fear, hear the snarls of the hijackers. I could also hear someone boasting on the radio; they were going to attack the White House; level the building, prove they could attack where and when they wanted. The only way the US could stop them would be to shoot down the plane and kill the passengers themselves.

The problem was; the Americans were quite willing to kill them if necessary; but I knew it was only to save others. Not that the world would accept that. I could also hear the same cockpit chatter from the fighters coming at this very plane.

Range now two hundred fifty miles.

I had to get aboard, take care of the hijackers, and save these people. Can I walk through walls? I wondered. I flew up behind the aircraft, swinging my hand, which passed through the rudder in the tail. I grinned, then dropped down even with the fuselage, and sped up. I ghosted through the skin of the plane, then through two stewardesses. There was a man with a pistol, and I phased back to normal long enough to punch him off his feet. Then I landed and was running forward. There were three others, I knew it. One turned, raising his pistol, and I caught the weapon, the barrel and cylinder shattering as I hit him.

The third one turned, and the stewardess who had been pouring champagne for a passenger turned and clubbed him down with the bottle. “The other one has a bomb!” She screamed.

I phased, flashing through the cockpit door. The terrorist there turned, shocked, and his hand flashed to the handle strapped to his side. I hit him and phased, taking him with me through the skin of the plane into the air. He pressed the dead man switch and grinned at me, then the grin faltered as I phased back in, let him go, then phased out as he blew up.

I flew back up, phasing through the skin into the cockpit. The flight crew was dead. The plane was on autopilot. I checked the system. Not only autopilot, but auto navigation as well. I found the Jeppson book and found the code. Reagan Airport. Across the river from D.C.

I went back to the passenger cabin. The stewardess had tied up the the guy she had clubbed, and the passengers had tied up the others. “They killed the flight crew.” I whispered to the woman. “They've set the auto navigation system for Reagan International.”

“Oh god. We're trapped!”

“Not if I can help it.” I snarled. “Get on the radio, contact Air traffic control. Tell them the terrorists are down or dead.”

I looked at the floor beneath my feet. “But what are you going to do?”

I grinned. “I'm going to stop the Air Force from shooting us down.” Then I dived through the floor. I dropped until I was about a thousand feet below them, going to supersonic. I could hear the voices.

Traffic control this is Esmeralda Lopez, chief stewardess. The terrorists are captured or dead. Some woman with magical powers subdued the terrorists. Please, direct us in retaking control; they have set our auto navigation system to direct us to Reagan International!

Flight 1121, until we are sure, we cannot allow you to land. Turn to return to Caracas.

Control, we are past the point of no return for Caracas. We must have clearance to land somewhere north of there. Please, there are no active terrorists remaining.

I could see two aircraft approaching from ahead. I could hear them receiving orders. We were now only one hundred thirty miles from the US territorial limit. I whispered. “Blazer One, this is... This is Nikki Parker. Abort your attack, I say again, abort your attack.”

“Unknown station, clear this channel at once.”

“Blazer one, if you do not abort, I will be required to use force.”

“Blazer One, take your shot.” Another voice ordered.

I visualized a shield, but one large enough to cover not only myself, but the airplane behind me. I saw a flash of a rocket engine, and an Amraam missile leaped from the weapons bay of the F22. It hit the shield and shattered.

“Control, my missile hit something. An invisible field. It didn't even have time to explode!”

“Blazer one, that was me.” I told him. “Escort, but do not fire. All we need is a runway.”

“Blazer one, go to guns.”

“Control, this is Nikki Parker. I have already warned the pilots. I will use whatever force is necessary to stop them. Please, do not risk their lives.”

“Whoever this is, get off this channel!”

“Listen, you moron. I am not going to let you kill a couple of hundred people because you won't listen. The Gods didn't make me a hero just to let them die if I can stop it.”

“Blazer one, you will complete your mission.”

Fine. I flew under Blazer one at high Mach speed. He spun out as the shock wave of my passage flamed out his engines.

“Mayday, mayday, this is Blazer one. Something just shot past me at Mach five! Engines flamed out, going in!”

I flipped into a turn, and caught the plane from below like Iron Man did in the first movie. “Calm down, Blazer one, I am stabilizing your descent. Restart your engines.”

“Who the hell is this?”

“I told you, Nikki Parker. Just take a deep breath, and restart.”

I felt the plane shudder. “Two good spools.”

“Have you got control again?” He said he did. “Good. I'm letting you go. But if you come back, I will let the plane crash; even if it means my parents have to help pay for another 150 million dollar plane.” I dropped away, coming up to his starboard side. I gave him a jaunty salute.

“Control, whoever that is, she caused me to flame out, arrested my fall until I could restart the engines, then told me she'd crash it next time if I didn't abort the attack.”

“Did you get a look at her aircraft Captain?”

There was a long pause. “Sir, she was flying without an aircraft less than thirty meters from my cockpit.”

Another even longer pause. “You will report from drug test immediately on landing, Captain.”

I flew back to the airliner. I flew into the cockpit, causing Ms Lopez to shriek. “Calm down, ma'am.” I told her. I took the copilot's headset from his body. “Ground control, this is Nikki Parker. We have a thirsty bird up here, and she can fly to Reagan or wherever you direct up north. But she cannot turn around and fly back to where she came from. Someone down there had better get on the ball, or I'll bring her down and set her down on the President's lawn as a tourist attraction.”

“Flight 1121, you are refused access to any American airport.”

“Fine.” I closed my eyes. We were about fifty miles south of Puerto Rico. “Control, I am closing out our flight plan at Mercedita International, Ponce, Puerto Rico.”

“Negative, negative. The runway is only 8800 feet. It is not long enough for a proper landing of your aircraft.”

“Well that means I'll have to make it work.” I opened the Jeppson, and entered the code for the airport. The system bleeped, then changed course to 355. “Mercedita International, this is flight 1121 heavy, a 767 aircraft inbound for your airport. We are declaring an emergency at this time.”

“Flight 1121, this field is not designed to accept heavy aircraft. Please head further north to San Juan.”

“Negative. Everyone seems to think they have terrorists aboard, I have to convince them I am serious when I say they are captured. We'll use your runway.”

“Negative, the runway is 2000 feet too short to land.”

“Then you're about due for it to be lengthened. 1121 clear except for when we are on final approach. Senora Lopez will be flying, so give her the instructions when she calls back.-” I set the headset down. “Just set the auto landing sequence when the system tells you that you are close to the airfield. I'm going to have to go back outside.”

Lopez was staring at me as if I were mad. “Outside?”

“Well if the runway is too short, we can't have you running off it into traffic or buildings, can we? So I'll have to help you stop.” I winked at her, then stood and walked directly through the windshield. As I was phased, the wind didn't bother me. She stared wide eyed as I walked down the nose of the plane. I could see Puerto Rico ahead, and felt the plane begin it's descent.

I turned, doing a handstand on the nose, then as the gear came down, I phased back in, feeling the wind slam into me as the plane slowed. I could feel my skirt blowing up so that my panties were exposed, and saw the flarepath of the runway race past me through all of that hair. I felt the wheels hit, and gently created another shield covering the entire plane as I began pushing back against it. The plane slowed rapidly, and I felt it begin to brake. It slowed as the airport building flashed past us, then I pushed harder, making it slow even faster. Emergency vehicles raced toward us as we stopped 500 feet from the end of the runway.

I floated in midair, patting the nose of the plane. Then I lifted up. I waved to Lopez, who waved back, unsure this had really happened. As the first armed soldiers poured out of the jeeps that had followed the emergency vehicles, I arched straight up, then aimed for home. Though I didn't know how I had made an 1100 mile leap, it was simple to just return home. I dropped down outside my house, then ran inside.

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

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