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I know this thread is quite old but I thought it would be useful to point out that BioWare made the blaster bolt models themselves determine the color of the blaster bolts. (Hence why there is only one blaster bolt texture and one power blast texture) So, in order to make sure your blaster bolt is the color you want it to be always use the w_laserfire_w and w_lfire_pb_w1 models. They do not modify, at least to my understanding, the base texture at all so they'll reflect your modified texture's color. However, if I remember correctly, certain blaster bolt models (like the Bowcaster) have a different shape than just the standard blaster bolt models. Therefore, if you want the bowcaster's model, you'll have to color your unique blaster bolt texture to a color that, when mixed with green (or whatever the blaster bolt's color in-game normally is), makes whatever color you're actually trying to get.

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