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Originally Posted by Quanon View Post
Ah... yes, well the models are 3Ds Max files.
Mmm; let me have a peek at those, they are rather old models.
I couldn't remember if they were ready for use.

EDIT: Good news! After some searching on my harddrive I found some more zips files about Yavin. With these it should all work in the game from the start. No messing about to create .mod files and such. I just need to install it myself first. Seems I did some updates on the models, though I'm not sure what to 'install' first I'm a messy modder x-D
Quanon, you are a life saver!

Originally Posted by battle111 View Post
WOW !! korriban dessert nice module !! l'm looking forward in trying your mod
Heh, thanks. I spent a good hour sifting through rock textures until I found the ones that looked right.

Anyways, if any of you didn't know from Dak's WIPs, I found some of the old stuff for his Recruit Dak mod while going through old emails. So I've started it back up until he can get a real computer. I'm only populating the areas though - and doing the backstory for the Sith Battleship quest. I'm putting a lot of placeholders around because I don't have their files or custom items. Except for Blix. I'll leave the rest of the stuff to him - it IS his mod after all (I was only supposed to do the Republic station, haha.). So if I ever have any updates, I'll post them in his WIP thread.

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