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Unhappy JKO or JKA ??

Hey l have a question which game is best JKO or JKA ?? becoz l'm confused some people say JKA is good and some people say JKO is good l don't understand well once l played JKA but l gotted bored at the sp somehow not mp just sp becoz the one thing l don't like at JKA is becoz there isn't a model dismemberment option and also l can't find mod that makes JKA sp more fun well except kotf.Kotf makes jka sp more fun and l liked playing at JKA sp as a sith but l also can't find a mod that gives jaden interesting Dark side transitions and l known JKO is good becoz there are interesting themes and very good levels but l don't understand no more people are playing JKO ??

Who you are light or dark hmm!!!

Galak Fayar to Thrawn conversion mod 2.0 for JKO


Sith lord Desann skin for JKO
link :
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