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Originally Posted by edlib View Post
A trip to the Moog factory sounds like my kind of field trip! Hopefully the pin down the ghost in the machine and exercise it!
Alas, no. I replicated the issue for him, but he still couldn't hear it. He mentioned being a metal head, and his hearing probably wasn't what it once was. And the room we were in was a bit noisy. Anyway, I asked if we could listen to another unit. We hooked up the reference unit and...same thing! It might have been a bit quieter, but I could hear the same thing coming out of that one. So...this must be a quirk of the Voyager design. It's hard to believe it could have done unnoticed all this time, though granted I was doing some unusual things with my levels to work in some special effects. It sounds to me like the mixer output bleeds a bit into the normal output channels, especially the right one.

So that's kind of annoying, but I should be able to rejigger my studio setup to get around it. It was probably worth the trip to get the peace of mind that it wasn't some issue unique to my unit. Everyone there was really nice, and it was a cool place. I saw a bit of it, but they give tours as well. They invited me to stay for one, but I wanted to start back, since it was such a long drive. Maybe I'll head back that way some time and take one, though.

It's a heck of a drive for one day (500 miles from where I am), but it was quite beautiful, through the mountains. It was nice to get away from home for a while and have a little adventure, too. If only I had had a lady to take along, it would have been a swell weekend getaway.
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