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Originally Posted by LogicDeLuxe View Post
Did you try increase or decrease the cycle setting in DOS-Box? If it is too high for your computer, sound issues will usually occur. If it is too low, the game will slow down.
Also check and try different command line options. Type
monkey ?
to get help on those.This is not a bug, it's a feature. You are playing in "match voice acting"-mode. Switch to "keep original text"-mode.
The 5000 was omitted until your first offer, since that could possibly lead to unvoiced prices.
This "fix" works with subtitles turned on only. Keep in mind, that in "keep original text"-mode, some unvoiced lines may pass by very fast then, though.
With subtitles off, this fix was suggested for the original SE, and is only required there.
As far as the voice hiccups are concerned, I'm not running the game on DOSBox, I'm using ScummVM, and I'm not all that fluent in DOSBox to test what you suggested. Thanks for the heads up about the text mode though, I knew I'd missed something I'll have a playthrough of both games tomorrow and see how it goes.

On another note, I've noticed that in pretty much every SCUMM game I play, it does pause for a bit like in these 2 talkies, and especially in Curse, I notice this. Half way through a line, the game pauses for just a breif second and then the line continues. The reason I bring this up is because I'm wondering if that is connected to the problems I'm facing here, but that it's worse with the speech for some reason.

Overall, I love that I now have the ability to play the original 2 games with voiceover, and I'm very grateful for that. Thankyou for your help, and for responding so quickly to my questions
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